"You, yourself, must be the one who creates and seizes opportunities."

Yesterday in Moscow, today in Dubai, Philipp has already established two international SKIDATA branches and enjoys being entrepreneurial on behalf of a world market leader.

Sometimes it's a simple coincidence that brings the right people together, "I was at a conference in Vienna, and my interviewer arrived too late. Stopping by the SKIDATA booth, I met the (then) head of human resources and told him that I could easily imagine a career in Eastern Europe. Then I was on board just a few months later," Philipp recalls. "It just clicked. We were both convinced that I would fit in seamlessly with the company and that I would drive everything forward. That was back in 2008, since then Philipp has made an international career with SKIDATA.

In school, Philipp learned three foreign languages, which means that he now fluently speaks German, English, French, and Russian. He studied International Business Administration and Political Science in his home city of Vienna, with a semester abroad in Moscow, and internships both in Austria and internationally. He began his professional career working in Ukraine before joining SKIDATA. At 35 years, Philipp is already managing director of the SKIDATA joint venture in Dubai as well as the regional manager for the Middle East; spanning Kuwait to Oman. Dubai was the second SKIDATA branch Philipp established.

In 2009, his first responsibility at SKIDATA took him to Moscow. He was only responsible for the local SKIDATA partners there, "But I soon realized that this was not enough. So, I set up a representative office in Moscow and then a branch for SKIDATA," says Philipp. "You, yourself, must be the one who creates and seizes opportunities." He sees his work as an entrepreneurial venture but with the enormous advantage of having an international company behind him. Over the course of his work in Moscow, SKIDATA implemented access solutions for visitors and vehicles to all Moscow stadiums, including the "Spartak" World Cup venue and twelve other sports arenas across Russia. From Moscow, Philipp also served other regional markets from Ukraine to Azerbaijan. Recalling those days, he says, "It was an exciting time." And, then he was presented with a new challenge.

Philipp moved to Dubai in 2016 to establish a new SKIDATA branch. In the United Arab Emirates as well as other countries in the region, SKIDATA supplies customers with access solutions for both people and vehicles. Installations include the Dubai World Trade Centre, the National Stadium in Abu Dhabi, malls, and amusement parks. "We've even implemented our mountain products, at Ski Dubai," Philipp reports. "Most recently, we regulated access to the Bahrain Formula 1 Grand Prix.”

Philipp finds working abroad remarkably appealing because it delivers so many new opportunities. "Generally, I am someone who is drawn to explore the world. At SKIDATA, I've had great opportunities to build new international businesses over the past ten years. That creates impressions and experiences that are very valuable," says the young manager. "SKIDATA has provided me the opportunity to do so many things."

When he's not traveling, Philipp likes to go skiing or playing football or golf. "That's easy to reconcile working for SKIDATA," says Philipp. His family and friends at home understand his passion for traveling. "And many new friendships have developed over the past ten years," Philipp concludes. "You appreciate spending time with your friends, even more, when it's not always possible because of the distance." But of course, his friends are also happy to take the opportunity to visit Philipp in his various locations abroad. "I really appreciate that."

Starting this autumn, SKIDATA will open a new modern office in Dubai, which presents many new opportunities. The enthusiastic golfer is happy to report, "This will certainly be a high point for the whole team. It's the result of our exceptional work over the past three years since the establishment of this branch."